A Beaut Home : Kitchen Renovation Progress

Our Kitchen Renovation Progress

RENOVATION PROGRESS: Our Kitchen renovation is coming together slowly, which is kinda annoying because I don’t do ‘patience’ very well. With Christmas/ the holiday break, then with the handy hubby working away now, the renovation has had to wait. Not to mention 2 little ones running around, I’m not really sure what we were thinking taking on […] Read more…

ABH| our renovation diary : installing wallpaper

Installing our white wood wallpaper

With our renovation we are going for a neutral finish throughout and I really wanted to have a go at wallpapering {Well let’s rephrase this I like the wallpaper and the Mr installed it 🙂 } I chose this white wood wallpaper called ‘Newport’ from Shelf Life. I like it because it doesn’t scream – ‘ I’m […] Read more…


The Renovation : The Existing & Proposed Plans

  EXISTING PLAN FOR RENOVATION: :What I want to enhance from the existing layout: *I like how the layout of the plan doesn’t need huge changes. Although from the existing photo’s wall the internal walls are timber framed with the most ugly veneer. So we are resheeting with gyprock through out – sometimes white walls […] Read more…