I’ve had a lot on indecision about whether or not to include all the ‘ugly’ before photo’s on the blog. I think the internet sometimes (especially the blogging world) can be all about the perfect ‘finished’ gorgeous after photo’s. But then I realised it is part of my Renovating diary, in fact I need to remind myself sometimes that there’s some people than wanna see ugly. Well you’re in for a treat today.

Please note: the back bedroom, I don’t have a photo, just think small dark room. I also haven’t drawn in a verandah that runs along the back from this bedroom to the laundry. Hence blocks that easterly (morning light). The Front of the house directly faces west, again I  forgot to draw in a verandah along Living and Master Bedroom. Although the 2 other bedrooms facing west don’t have any protection from the westerly afternoon sun.

The only window facing North is the small one in the Dining area (which is where the back verandah is located), meaning the house doesn’t get any northern light. We may need to put skylights in the dining and the Living area.

The Existing Plan:

existing plan for renovation


The Photo’s

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The Kitchen Progress so far.

Reno in Progress


reno in progress