Our Kitchen renovation is coming together slowly, which is kinda annoying because I don’t do ‘patience’ very well. With Christmas/ the holiday break, then with the handy hubby working away now, the renovation has had to wait. Not to mention 2 little ones running around, I’m not really sure what we were thinking taking on this project! I’m sure we were in delusion land – it’s a bit like bringing you’re first born home from the hospital. We were thinking yep we can renovate, save some money on creating the home we really want, start living our dream of renovating and then one day it will become our full time job. But what we didn’t realise is… Renovating is like having another  full time job, which you can’t really run away from. So now we need to re-assess the timeline, which were still doing. Enough whingeing now.




Tiles > I went with a black grout, to really lift the geometric pattern in the tiles.

Cover insert panel to Bench> So to add some extra texture and that coastal weather board look, we bought pine panels from bunnings and I painted them in a matt White finish. Just need to install the end pieces to finish.

Scullery> Is pretty much completed, tiled, shelves up.



A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress



+ Replace the Kitchen Benchtop (more details below)

+ Install the top fascia boards above the overhead cupboards

+ Install GPO (hidden) for dishwasher

+ Install end timber pieces to front bench to complete.

+ Install the scullery (wall cavity) sliding door

+ Install the window

+ Create a feature storage unit above the fridge (still deciding)

+ Paint walls final coat of white.



A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress




We have decided to replace the kitchen benchtop, it was an experiment to see if it would work I think we spent roughly $200 on the timber itself (not including hubby’s time to fix together). Hubby came up with the idea, after I said I really want a waterfall edge marble stone benchtop – haha! which was way out of our budget on this project.


So we went off to bunnings and their Oak benchtops were still quite expensive ~ from memory about $500 a board and we needed 4 sheets as we have a 900 wide benchtop. So we used timber from the trade area, which was a lot cheaper! The thing with timber is it needs to be sealed, and when you add the sealer it tends to turn the timber a more yellow colour ~ which I knew would happen. As time has gone by, the yellow tinge has disipated somewhat.


So I’m not completely happy with the colour tone. Also another issue the timber has started to move and warp. You probably can’t see much from the photo’s but up close ~ it’s kinda obvious… oh well put that down to experience.


A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress




By the time I planned out where the microwave, kettle, toaster, nutri-bullet, coffee machine and block of knives were going to go, I had no benchtop left! The main reason I deleted the corner pantry and designed a scullery is to add more workspace. So now all these gadgets can all sit on the benchtop and we don’t need to ever pack them away!

Now our Kitchen benchtops are clean and clear ~ apart when I’m cooking (I’m a super messy cook 😉



A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress
The scullery




A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress
The Scullery benchtop holds all our gadgets and then we have 3 shelves above.



Note~ See how blonde looking our timber shelves are? This is similar timber we used for the benchtop,

to give you an idea how much the waterproof sealer affected the colour of the benchtop.



A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress
Spice Drawer: next to the stove



We used Ikea cabinets for the kitchen, I really like the idea of using more drawers then cupboards.

The spice drawer still needs to be a bit more organised ~but you get the idea.



A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress
Black Tapware from Bunnings Mondella Vivance $209




A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress





A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress




A Beaut Home Blog: Kitchen Renovation progress