A Beaut Home Blog| New change a new financial year

Lately I had been feeling stuck with blog, not because of a lack of ideas; it was because it became too hard. 6 months ago I changed my wordpress theme to this over complicated monster and in the end, every time I opened up wordpress something was broken or looked wrong or needed to be updated. Argh! it was driving me nuts.

I needed a change; to simplify. So I went back to this gorgeous theme

Maybe it’s the turn of a new (financial) year a new start. I did it today. While it may not be fancy with moving parts and animation, I’m back in the editor mode and typing away. Which is always a good sign.

July I feel is going to be a good month, productive but also clarity around where this little blog is taking me.

Blog Changes + Design Changes >>

I’ve decided to split my blog into 2 parts, this part is all about the inspiration and design stuff I find around the wide web then I have created Studio McQueen as my design services web page and design portfolio. I’ll be offering 2 main packages; full service renovation design for locally based clients in Geraldton and Perth WA and E-design services for clients based Australia wide.

Last week I had my first design styling photo shoot to kick off my new design portfolio. When I have my photos done I plan to write a ‘behind the scenes’ post about styling a space for photography. Which (I was quite suprised ) is really different then styling a space for design and layout to the eye.

A Fun new Quiz>>

This week (because I’m putting it out there and holding myself to this goal) I plan to launch a fun design quiz, it’s a bit silly, a bit fun and quirky. But in a way I hope it helps people decide which interior style to go with, in my opinion the best interiors are the ones that stick to 1 story. They have a decisive colour palette and style with maybe the odd juxtaposition piece. Mixing a contemporary piece with an antique piece can take an all white room from drab to uplift and create an interesting take on the space.

After the quiz the results with state what style you tend to love most; Have a guess what you think you might be and come back once the quiz is live!

Charming >>

Think relaxed, coastal, rustic, whites and natural tones colour palettes.

Eclectic + Raw >>

Think bold colours, vintage pieces and rustic, lots of texture, even mid century pieces ~ anything goes.


Contemporary Scandi look

Dark Luxe>>

Dark walls, velvet, richness, hint of brass/gold old world glamour

Colour Pop>>

Soft pastels with bright colours, fun environment, exciting + creative


P.S Design Quiz >> Coming Soon