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Here’s a few things I love around the web at the moment, so I thought I’d put into a mood board.

One of my favourite designers is Nina Holst (A) who is actually an artist with a definite talent in interior design. Her artwork is very monochrome – but very calming, I hope in this lifetime I can afford a piece in my home.

Loving the new range of prints from Blacklist (B) I love how dark and moody this print is.

Nina Holst bedroom (C), I love this print gallery of frames (with majority of white artwork) which contrasts and balances out the painted steel grey wall.

I am seriously thinking black tapware (D) in our ensuite is the way to go – bathroom design by Amee Allsop

‘Magic is something you make’ (E) I’m not exactly sure where I heard this from, but I’ve been truly inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book ‘Big Magic’ – so many ah ha moments in that book -it almost feels like it was written for me in some strange way.

Check out this gorgeous leather tote bag (F) handmade in Melbourne by studio 11.11,  I adore how simple and stunning it looks plus it’s 100% australian made.

Is the copper (G) interior fad over? I don’t think so, found this gorgeous copper shelving unit on new tendency  admittedly it’s a big commitment at 2,500 (Euro) & I’m not sure if they ship to australia, still gorgeous though! Design: Sigurd Larsen

Rustic charming living room, which looks very cozy, yet simple. Even using the gray for the window frames, enhances the room. photo by; tessa neustadt

As I’m learning more about photography, black and white photography is my favourite, this picture almost makes me think I could pull a hat off like that 😉