A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get to Perth (with 2 sickly kids in toe) to attend Megan’s “Science on Styling” class. I’m going to be honest here and say I don’t have any of Megan Morton’s books and I don’t really go to styling courses as such. But I have been trying to figure out how hard it would be to be published in a design magazine. So I thought she might shed some light on this. I was surprised how open Megan was with her design & styling advice. I also found her completely relatable, especially when she discussed that part of her life; of having 2 kids, close together in age. I was pleasantly surprised that she advocates a home is to be lived in. Megan’s home is not styled day in day out (there was photo’s to prove it). In fact she states being ‘loose’ (as in styling) within the home, is better for her and enables her to have more creative energy on her styling projects.


my review on the blog; megan morton's class the science of stylingPhoto cred: // The school


If you are thinking of a creative career in styling or interior design I definitely recommend this class as a starting point. Having studied the advanced diploma of interior design course at TAFE (3 years) I can say I learnt a lot more from Megan’s 1 day course, about styling intuitively. Megan’s relaxed and eclectic styling makes a space look/ feel comfortable, cherished and loved. I can say, this course has slightly changed the direction of my renovation finishes, I now want to bring in more texture, old pieces, recycled stuff ; which is kind of a 360 from my pure ‘white on white’ love.


my review on the blog; megan morton's class the science of stylingPhoto cred: // The school


We started out learning basic styling composition’s, how we can learn to look back in design & art history for inspiration. This particularly resonated with me, as I loved learning about art history at school. How analysing the artwork is all about uncovering the stories behind the paintings and why artists made decisions about texture, scale, colour composition. For me when I travelled around Europe and dragged Mr A along to another art gallery, this is what I loved to do -to uncover the artistic story. Where as in Mr A’s mind it was just another weird abstract painting.

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A distinctive takeaway I’ve learnt from Megan is styling is about making your space beautiful – with the best of what you have. This has been difficult for me, living in a construction site with our make shift kitchen in the laundry, bare concrete everywhere & plaster board as our wall coverings. It’s not about expensive designer pieces & everything in the interior to be shiny & new. As time fades this shine loses it’s appeal – it’s all about those items we share deep memories with, that uplift us, in a space.


my review on the blog; megan morton's class the science of stylingPhoto cred: // The school


I knew I was in the right place at the right time, when Megan asked “who in the room wants to style to get the best price when selling their home?” I may have been the only one that put up my hand but at that moment I had tingling all down my spine (- which I’ve come realise is a sign I’m on the right path). I mean my dream job would be to renovate with Mr A and make money selling, and in away we are starting that journey now. But for it to be my full time job would be amazing. Megan then told us the story how she styled her 2 bed apartment, got published in a magazine & was sold ‘unseen’. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before, but that just opened my eyes to the potential power of styling.


“Styling is creating a tangible look or feel that has been sparked from an initial idea, reference or brief. A good stylist is someone that can create a look that is seamless, that doesn’t look ‘styled’ ” – Anna Vu [Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine]


A personal takeaway I realised about myself is my belief (which I need to delete) is you need to have a technical / analytical type job to make any money. Megan debunks this myth for me. I guess this is why I ended up in a drafting position, I know I have that intuitive design/ colour knowledge -but have always pushed it aside as more of a hobby. So those styling/ photographic pictures I’ve been putting up on instagram, do really need to live on my blog. This blog is where I can experiment and use that creative side of my brain.

If I was younger or the stars aligned, I would love to spend a week as an intern for Megan. Megan has a creative eye, but more importantly a natural teacher; not scared to pass on her treasured knowledge about styling with others. Let’s just say – I’m jumping on fishpond now to add Megan’s book to my design library.

Here’s my attempt at a layered approach tear sheet (I only had 2 magazines available the collective and adore magazine tropical release , as I had to have a massive declutter of magazines before moving)

my review on the blog; megan morton's class the science of styling



my review on the blog; megan morton's class the science of styling



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  • I love Megans books! I have read a few. I love how she said that she is “loose” when it comes to styling her own home. I guess I have always thought that interior stylists have immaculate homes which are constantly styled and tidy! Nice to know that isn’t then case! Being Megans intern would be amazing! Good luck hun x