With our renovation we are going for a neutral finish throughout and I really wanted to have a go at wallpapering {Well let’s rephrase this I like the wallpaper and the Mr installed it 🙂 }

I chose this white wood wallpaper called ‘Newport’ from Shelf Life. I like it because it doesn’t scream – ‘ I’m wallpaper’ and adds an extra layer of texture to the room. In this alcove we are also setting up the TV unit, so the wallpaper is going to help add extra depth into the interior.



1.Firstly check out You Tube for tutorials on how to wall paper like this one

2. Make sure your wall is clean and prepared. Draw pencil lines on the wall to the width of the wallpaper for a guide line.

3. Measure out all your sheets of wallpaper and cut the end (leaving couple of centimeters).

4. Mix the wallpaper adhesive we used this one from bunnings ” poly wallpaper paste”.

Wallpaper adhesive from bunnings

5. Paint on the wallpaper glue for one sheet, place wallpaper on wall, removing air as you go with a clean brush or just use your hands. The glue gives you enough time to move it slightly, so you can realign and get air bubbles out. Cut the wallpaper with a stanley knife to underside of cornice and near the ground. We have skirting to be installed later, so the bottom cut didn’t need to be perfect.

6. Repeat until the wall is finished.



ABH: How to Wallpaper
The glue going down



ABH: how to wallpaper
Getting ready to trim the edge



ABH: how to wallpaper
First sheet up.



ABH: how to wallpaper
All done


I was a little surprised how easy it was to install our wood wallpaper.

I think we have the wall papering bug now and will do some in the master bedroom too.


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  • Laura – Paper&Pin

    Ohhh I’ve never been brave enough to tackle wallpaper but these tips are fab!

    • Thanks Laura! I think it was easier too because we’re wallpapering an alcove, not sure if I’m brave enough to do a corner.

  • The final effect is so lovely! Well done!