Creative Connections: Inkywords by Kym Basoka on the blog; discovering her gorgeous custom typography artwork & asked her 5 quick questions.

Creative Connections :: Inkywords by Kym Basoka


Today we have Kym Basoka from Inkywords and is the first in a series of the “Creative Connections” Series, where I find creative artisans to showcase their work and uncover the story behind their creative world.

Inkywords by Kym Basoka


With Typography art a huge movement within interior design, I was immediately drawn to Kym’s work. I love the hand drawn & water colour quotes all over instagram at the moment. Kym especially makes quotes based on what you want (choose words, colours, size), so it’s a real personalised custom artwork piece in its own right.

I’ll be choosing a name print for both the boys, once were ready to decorate. I really like the black ink look and because the boys will be sharing a room, I think these will look great above their beds. There’s just something special about words inked on paper ; rather than an all computer generated piece.

I touched base with Kym and asked her five questions about her creative world;


1. When did you start Inkywords?

I’ve been doing typographic art for as long as I can remember as gifts for friends and family but I started Inkywords officially in November 2014.

Inkywords by Kym Basoka

2. Have you always been creatively motivated, always wanted to be an artist/designer once finishing school?

As a kid I always spent more time on the title pages of my projects rather than the projects themselves. My first job in high school was designing the displays for my local Hoyts cinema. After school I studied a BA of Visual Arts in Design at the Queensland College of Art and after a few years industry experience I completed my Masters in Digital Design. I’ve always been creatively charged, couldn’t help it if I tried.


3. What’s your favourite habit to start a new project? or if you’re feeling stuck creatively, what do you do that helps?

I think I need a regular habit! I like to have all my tools ready, a clear space and a hot cuppa ready to rock.

Inkywords by Kym Basoka

4. Do you have a favourite hashtag (#) or Instagram account and inspires you at the moment?

I love the rabbit hole of inspirational discovery and stories from @Collectivehub and #collectivehub

Inkywords by Kym Basoka

5. What book are you reading at the moment?

I only get a chance to read while breast feeding at the moment so The Creative Women’s Circle Vol 2 and ‘Love Does’ by Bob Goff is keeping me inspired.



Did I also mention Kym has a toddler & a newborn, all while balancing her creative work life! Thanks Kym for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, you have such a unique style which is very on trend at the moment. Wishing you all the best in your creative endeavours.

Check out Kym’s work here on the Inkywords Website + Facebook + Instagram + Pinterest